Before you say it, YES, I know dice can be noisy.  YES, I know they somehow always find their way to the floor and the biggest one YES, if you are like me, you probably have some in any number of games you have gathering dust in the top of your hall closet, behind those flannel sheets you promised yourself you were going to use this winter.  So get them out, dust them off and get ready to play and learn

 Math Games With Dice
Tip #1     Use foam dice. Did you know that you can actually buy these?  You can even buy really big foam ones at The Dollar Tree for, well, you guessed it... $1.  Your kids will have a blast playing with these!

Tip #2     If you have to use the regular hard dice but can’t stand the noise of them falling on the floor, get out a rimmed cookie sheet and lay a dishcloth in it.  Voila. Problem solved. 


Do your children collect thingsLegos, rocks, Hot Wheels, My Little Ponies, shells, etc?  Sure they do!  It’s the nature of our sweeties.  

Why not use these cherished items to get in a little math time?  Graphing can be very fun for children.  Children naturally love to sort items.  Graphing not only teaches sorting, but also counting, comparing, more than, less than, greater than, equal too, most and least.  Graphing is an EXCELLENT way to build number sense and math vocabulary for students and prepare them for future, more complicated mathematical concepts.  If your child is
just getting started with graphing, try out this online game.

Graphing with Turtle Diary

Math Counting

This is a fun idea to not only work on addition to 10, but also to count by two’s, multiply by 9’s and subtract by counting down or counting on.  Give it a try.  Your child will love using these gloves!

Thank you to JDaniel4'smom blog

for this idea.

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