Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In a little over a month, I will be sending my oldest daughter off to college.  Yes, that's right, I said college.  For those of you that know me, you know this is going to be a lot harder on me than on her (I think)! 

We recently dropped her off at USI for a weekend camp and the only response from the two texts that I sent her were, "I'm fine." and "Yes!"  Yep, that's it.  All those long heart to heart talks, years of bonding, not to mention trying to increase her vocabulary, and that is all I got?  Yes it is.  It is sad but true.  

She is growing up and I am one proud mama.  Being a mom has helped me to be a better teacher.  By the same token, being a teacher, has helped me to be a better mom.  I guess what I'm getting at here, besides my girl going away and I'm not sure that I will live through it,  is that every parent is their child's first teacher.  Spend your time wisely with your kiddos.  Help them with their academics, foster their independence, but just as important, help your child grow his/her character and soul.  Am I worried silly about sending my daughter off to college...of course I am.  I find comfort in knowing that my husband and I have tried to teach her respect and responsibility, love and tolerance.  Best of wishes to my little girl.  It's her time to fly and I'm sure she is going to fly among the clouds.  Go USI Screaming Eagles!!!!