Sunday, November 16, 2014

Okay.  I have to admit.  I am a bit of a word junky to put it mildly.  When I say that, I mean I LOVE to play word games!  Yes, in case you were wondering, I hold Scrabble in high regards and have even tried to entice our school staff members into playing as they passed through the conference room.  I love Boggle and an app called Hooked on Words.  

Well, since we are on the topic of words, I hope to be providing you with some fun options to get in some spelling/vocabulary practice.  As tech-savvy as kids are today, it will help having some websites that can lure them into practicing, while having fun, as well as some apps so they can learn on the go.   For now,  if you are not so into the games above just for the love of word play, check out one of my very, very favorite websites.  It also comes in a convenient app. 


The great thing about spellingcity.com is that you can add your student's spelling words for the week, that is,  if your child's teacher hasn't already done it for you.  Your child can play spelling/vocabulary games with the needed words.  At the end, your child can take a test and even receive a certificate!  This program is free and has a ton of resources.  Parents can upgrade to unlock more games and resources, but only if they choose.  There are still lots of free fun things to do on this great site!!!!  

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